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Build up your passive income & My Experience! (Update : May/2023)

My earning experience & Anti war together!

@Old song 1936 to 2008@

Participation in blockchain activities help build metaverse and a complete freedom of a new world!

My earning history (approximation of net profits )
2016 Fiat =1500 usd, Crypto= 10 usd
2017 Fiat =500 usd, crypto =2000 usd
2018 Fiat =500 usd, crypto =1000 usd
2019 Fiat =100 usd, crypto =2500 usd
2020 Fiat =100 usd, crypto =2500 usd
2021 Fiat =0 usd, crypto =25000 usd
2022 Fiat =50 usd, crypto =7000 usd
2023 Fiat =? usd, crypto =? usd

💦I had lost my IT careers recently because of a lot of unhappy things happens! But i can still survive from just playing games and earn money!

💰💰Earn from $0 usd at the beginning of this year 2021 as crypto assets (including crypto coins & nfts, No investments needed to get started!(NOT RECOMMEND any investment from your money! You can start from zero!) Everyday, I am receiving around $20 USD passive income from my past efforts (mostly staking & a few referrals earnings)! However, there is some downturn from Nov 2021

Proof of stake : Environmental friendly !(Just do this!)
Proof of Work: High electricity consumption !
So don’t do bitcoin mining activities !
Remember not to be greedy and eager!

You can get started from zero by joining axie infinity scholarship program for free! (Play to earn) (You can ask for a free play account and earn without any investment !)

Suggested YouTube channel for reference :

I suggest for cashout crypto through Bitcoin ATM machines for real cash (Not through banks or in person! ) next to the MTR station !

0. How to play & earn?:

Register PayPal, bitcoin wallets! 0. Here!

Deposit crypto : copy deposit address of a wallet and send your crypto to that address !/ Buy directly through bank or credit card ! If you are a newbie, send a low amount (less than $20) to test if you can send correctly until you familiar with the concept !


Participate in good sites and earns! 1. Free Cryptos/ 🔥🔥2. RPG Crypto Games3. (Nfts, Gamefi, Defi)4. 🔥🔥/Writing5. /Photography6. /Early Bird Advantage  

Withdraw earnings to PayPal or bitcoin wallets ! Here! Convert bitcoin/Crypto to USD (Exchangers) Here!  

———————————————————————– Install antivirus and anti-malware software recommended ! Extremely careful of phishing sites,email links etc! #Even my referral links, you may double check the link is official and legit via dappradar or coingecko! (Don’t join any sites like hyip, don’t participate in gambling, mining programs! Investments not suggested! Reinvestment is ok!) & (No multiple accounts, VPN or proxy are allowed ! No autobots/auto programs ! That’s is considered cheating !One account per site! ) Be careful of airdrop/giveaway(Only join from official announcement from games admins!)! Be careful of telegrams /discord impersonated scammers(Even a fake whole group)! Do your own research first VERY IMPORTANT ! (Dappradar, Coingecko, Certik audit etc)Don’t join any projects or invest in coins with no “real” backup (eg research ICO 2017)! There is no 100% guarantee of safety in crypto world !

All details of scamming and hacking risks and prevention techniques have to be checked and researched thoughtfully by yourself!

Reminder: Don’t join any programs that promoting investment, gambling, adult content and HYIP!

Don’t join or participate from this ads!

1. Bitcoin wallets and exchange ? USD (support 30 more cryptos)

Remainder : Don’t put too much money into any exchange ! Mainly used for exchange function!

Local bitcoin wallet~ Bitcoin based/P2P trade!

🔥Binance🔥 ~ Best Crypto Bank! (KYC verification needed)/ Best strategy to follow their rewarding campaigns! High annual interest for deposit ! Very low fee!

Kucoin ~ Crypto Bank & Stocks 2! (Optional KYC verification neededneeded )/ Best strategy to follow their rewarding campaigns! High annual interest for deposit ! Its fee a bit high!

Huobi ~Crypto Bank & Stock 3! (Optional kyc verification needed )/ Best strategy to follow their rewarding campaigns! High annual interest for deposit ! Its fee is high though!

Tronlink~ Trons (TRC20) blockchain (Wallet & Games)

Payeer~ USD/BTC supported! Normal crypto exchanges !

Stakecube /Crex24/Bololex (no verification needed)!

🔥TrustWallet~ Wallet for gaming🔥 /Metamask wallet app~BSC blockchain

Changelly ~ Reputable exchanger & Coinomi App~ Support Bitcoin ATM!

FacuetPay ~ Microwallet~Many coins for faucets !

Coinpayments wallet


2. Free USD/BTC/Crypto🎁

They are old crypto simple free earning sites with low earnings, but you can start earning from free and mostly instant payment! Don’t invest anything through here!

Withdrawal: To any wallets address above!
1. Faucetcrypto💰

2. Rollercoin ~ Virtual mining game!

3. Surf Google Earn

4. Betfury (Claim free boxes to get started ! Investments not recommended!& earn

5. Cointiply~ Best Ptc & offerwalls

6. AD~BTC~ advertising services for bitcoin users

7. PTC Share?

8. Cryptowin~ Free BTC

9. Bestchange~ Free BTC?

10. Dogepool⚔

11. ESFaucets Multicrypto?

12. Clean facuet ! ~ Reinvest bonds or withdraw! Don’t invest your own money ! Claim free!

13. Clickfight RPG?

14. Pipeflare~ (Payment instantly !)⛲

15. Cryptoflare

16. Gemly — a game where you can earn

17. Firefaucet Level up🔥


19. Miningblock RPG🏘

20. Althub easy faucets

21. Faucet4U easy faucets & level up

22. Litcoin faucets easy & clean faucets

23. coinpayu

24. 🔥Earnbitmoon - ultimate faucet !


26. Free Cash GAME🎁

27. Faucetfly free money🎁


29. Feyorra free money🎁

30. New free mining game🎁


🔥3. Play to earn free money via Games & RPG? Blockchain Games & Technology ?🔥

⚠️Withdrawal for blockchain types:

⚠️You own your wallets digitally in crypto world, no one can control your assets ! Only the one (you) who have the private key of the wallet address can control all assets and activities of that wallet/In other words, if someone knows your wallet private key, he will also be the owner of your wallet! (You can open multiple wallets for diverse your funds!)

🔥Different blockchains and wallets recommended :

##I suggest cashout crypto through Bitcoin ATM or ATM (not through your bank account for preventing any issues arise!)##

Coinomi wallet app for withdraw old crypto like btc, eth, ltc, bch to cash through Bitcoin ATM!

Tron(TRC20): Tronlink withdraw to 🔥Binance🔥, 🔥Kucoin🔥, Huobi , convert to btc, then withdraw to your bank account !

EOS: Wombat wallet withdraw EOS to Binance, Kucoin or Huobi, convert to btc, then to your bank account !

WAX : WAX Cloud wallet to Kucoin, Huobi and convert to btc, then to your bank account !/ or convert to EOS using alcor exchange dapp!

ETH(ERC20): Any eth supported wallet withdraw to Binance , Kucoin, Huobi etc then to your bank account ! (Not recommended, gas fee is too high)

BSC(BEP20): 🔥Trustwallet or Metamask🔥 app withdraw to Binance, Kucoin, Huobi through bep20 chain, convert to btc, then to your bank account ! 🔥

Hive: Hive keychain wallet 🔥withdraw funds to Binance, convert to btc, then to your bank account !


⚠️Before you started/Cautions ?

An innovative way to earn money through games and techs! Already a FINTECH subjects ! Mostly POS/DPOS blockchain>>Environmental friendly ! You can see all defi and games as projects! You can find many amazing earning opportunities on your own! Don’t invest too much like more than 20 usd in any plans! Reinvest no more than 30% of your online earning is recommended (ie. 70% cashout to real fiat currency )! Don’t play gambling ! Best thing is that blockchain games your earnings or balances are already shown in your wallet immediately when you earn or spend in every transactions, so there is no need for withdrawal ! Check coingecko & certik & dappradar for exchangers supported and security audits & dapps statistic for each coins and defi apps! Every blockchain are independent like parallel lines, some exchanges like binance can help cross chain exchanges coins , be careful and do your own research ! Join telegram & discord groups of projects you participate in! Be careful of fake groups & scammers who PM you by impersonation ! (Join groups through their main website ) Nfts: A collectables/cards in token form that can be used to trade in marketplace for crypto ! #For games only support desktop, if you want to play in mobile, just try out yandex browser & use extension (eg metamask extension (eth), hive keychain extension (hive), tronlinks extension (tron) etc ) to start the game and connect the game to your wallet immediately ! ⚠️Learn more from medium articles/YouTube tutorials first before you get started (Don’t rush)! ⚠️Join official sites(through dappradar link recommended’## ) & official telegram groups for each dapp projects) 😆I will write more articles soon for these guidelines and gaming !  

Get started📒

0. (Enjin(Jenj) blockchain )
Reminder : Use jumpnet in enjin marketplace as it is zero transaction fee!
Hot (jenj) games free to get started :
Register Knight story RPG🗡

1. (Trons blockchain ) Register Tronlink~ Trons blockchain or Wombat wallet(below) to get started ! Register this game and link your account to that wallet ! Blockchain cuties Universe 🐧

2. (EOS blockchain ) I am using Wombat to play my favorite blockchain games. Join me and get a handful of free transactions by entering the code “AZ7G6J” after signing up here. Username needed to be 8 characters ! Wombat wallet Register wombat wallet first with the username (username=wallet address), then register womplay and use the same username as your wombat wallet to link wombat and womplay and get started ! Tons of mobile games for earning free crypto ! Womplay~Earning Games 🃏

3. Sandbox games🚀  

4. Mine gold to build your virtual business ! Register and link to your wombat wallet or other EOS wallet (eg. Tokenpocket ) Prospectors gold miners!(EOS blockchain ) Register wax cloud wallets account (Google it) Wax blockchain ! Hot! Prospectors gold miners 2!(Wax blockchain )💰  

5. Hive blockchain games/blogs (may need extension):

Hiveonboard /PEAKD/ Crypto Beer Economy Game

Become a famous singer RPG 💃   

6. BEST Hive blockchain game: Link your wallet to play! Multi blockchain hot game !

🔥🔥Splinterlands~ Card Battle & Tournaments🔥🔥(Hive better !)  

7. Tron game (crypto game)! Crypto farming game🌟  

8. Link your wax cloud wallets to play ! Wax blockchain game! Wax is hot now! Dark country~ Need Wax cloud wallets

9. Sent & Exchange EOS/Wax to Bitcoin/Altcoins through Kucoin~ Crypto BankHints: Kucoin=>Wax! Binance=> Other cryptos! Good annual interest ! Tronlinks/ Wombat /Wax cloud wallet => Your wallet + Exchangers+ Apps+ Marketplace +Games+ Nfts collection ! All in one place !  

10. DEFI/GAMEFI: High annual interest rate ROI return (60% to 1000%) & gaming ! ROI subject to change ! Research Liquidity pool & Impermanent loss first! High risk High profits investment! (Stake coins in pair 5:5, and earn keys / cakes as passive income ! Recommended wallets (BSC blockchain supported coins ):

a. Trustwallet

b. Metamask Recommended pools (only BSC coins supported): a. 🔥MBOX (Games)🔥 b. Pancakeswap c.Biswap (BSW)💥


11. ETH/ BSC Blockchain games (may need chrome extension to play! ) Metamask wallet recommended!


Secondlife (free)

Cryptoids World (free)




Three kingdoms war RPG (free)


War Riders

Drakons ~ Dragons RPG

Baby racing crypto RPG

12. Polygon Blockchain games (may need chrome extension to play!) Metamask wallet recommended! Very low gas fee!

Idle mystic RPG

Thetan Arena 4v4 Battle

13. Immutable X blockchain games!(Mostly free, low fee)

Godunchained Card Game RPG (free)

⚠️More Remainder:

You must check Sending coins in same blockchain ! (eg. send only eos tokens only in eos blockchain , no other blockchain accepeted!)
Don’t try sending coins cross chained, (eg. sending btc coins in eos blockchain, you will lose your money and no way to recover it!)
If you are a newbie, send a low amount (less than $20) to test if you can send correctly until you familiar with the concept !
Learn more about blockchains concepts !

4. Earn money from Writing ✏️

🔥1. Best online freelance marketplace/jobs at $5 start up

2. Publish 0x ~ Read/Write for free money (Crypto)✏ Sign in hive signer ! Good earnings for posting, commenting and voting !

🔥3a. PEAKD(Crypto Hive Network)

3b. Ecency (Crypto Hive network )

4. Read cash (crypto instant payment )


BeerMoneyforum ~ Good Paying Forum and News (USD or Crypto )


Indexforum ~ Good Paying Forum and News (USD or Crypto )


Hubpages~ Best writing pay per views(USD)


Best Bitcoin Ads network ! ~Earn💰 from your website ⬇️

8. Crypto ads network

9. Ads network



Ads network ! ~Earn💰 from your website ⬇️


5. Earn from selling photos and design


6. Early Bird Projects, Games & RPG?

Guildlines: Same as Section 3 RPG games!Attention : Take early entry advantage ! Don’t invest more than $20 for these projects! (Projects either boom or gone away !)   1. Farsite~ MMO RPG Earn early credits from early stage ! Recruit players for more credits !    

Disclaimer :

There are my referal links in this site! And all recommendations are just for reference !